Lea im Spinnenanzug

Lea im Spinnenanzug

Lea im Catsuit „Spider“ von rubear.

Download PW Lespie

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  1. Hello Karl, good to see you active again. Hope your home life is running smoothly. Thanks for your great work.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I´m living. The famili is fine. It is difficult to plan shootings when time is limited and all rental studios in the area are closed. The time when I paid 2000 € for a weekend with a studio and two models is over…
      But the camera is still there, enough latex is still there and Polina still lives nearby. But the next shooting has to be good, otherwise I finally disappear into depression and self-pity.

      1. Can you reopen the downloads links at least before leaving permanently?

        1. I cannot reopen the downloads. I need to build a completely new download page, probably with captcha and a password for each zip file. Then it finally stops, that several people start 20 – 50 downloads simultaneously from one IP address. The current unregulated download brings the server to a standstill even without DDOS attack.

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