Edda und Alice auf Video

Edda und Alice auf Video

Das Video habe ich beim Aufräumen gefunden: Edda im Blowup suit von demask und Alice im Spider-Catsuit von rubear.

Download per Rechtsklick.

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  1. Are there any more inflatable blow up photographs and videos coming soon? four months is a long time to wait for such excellent fetish material. Thanks.

    1. I’ve had some family problems. Latex can still be explained to a woman or a daughter, an inflatable suit with full tubing only if the woman has the same fetish. I don’t have that luck.

      1. Hello, thanks for letting me know the situation. Family must come first. Btw do you know of any good fetish producers(paid or free) who are still making inflatable fetish material similar to yourself? I am so out of touch with the fetish scene these days. Thanks again.

        1. Thank you. Thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who does inflatable things for free. My inflatable stuff came from demask.com.

          1. Hello, it would not have to be free, I don’t mind paying if the inflatable photos/videos were of a high quality, and were regularly updated. Thanks again.

          2. Thank you, it is already a bit difficult to keep up this hobby. But I won’t do anything for money. I leave that to professional photographers who can maintain the high quality.
            Besides, our German tax law speaks against it, because I would have to declare all income and costs to the tax office and my wife. One of them is not satisfied.

  2. Nice! You have some more inflation videos?
    Would be nice to see her get inflated too

  3. I love all the photographs and videos of Edda in the blow-up suits. I hope you make many more. Thank you very much.

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