Edda im grünen Catsuit

Edda im grünen Catsuit

Catsuit und Masken: Latexskin.pl.  Model: Edda. Wunderbar, auch wenn nicht viel von ihr zu sehen ist.

Download per Rechtsklick.

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    1. Thank you very much!

  1. Is there a set where she puts on the hoods?

    1. It was possible to take pictures from üutting on the hood. but we have no video.

  2. Hallo, super Bilder. Können Sie mir sagen wo man die Jacke kaufen kann.

    Vielen Dank

  3. Would it be possible showing how the model puts on the mask and taking it off?

    1. At picures yes, at video not, it´s to late.

  4. Would be interesting to see if this full suit could be worn inside the Jetfighter suit and helmet! The colour looks like a good match.

    1. Thats possible. I’ll look for a matching model.

      1. It would be a nice concept, I think. The hood with eyeholes inside the Jetfighter helmet, with the visor closed, would be quite a sight!

        1. I agree. I tried it today but the model didn´t come.

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