Video mit Alina

Video mit Alina

Besten Dank an Stuart fürs schneiden. Das nächste Mal nehme ich die Kamera nicht wieder hochkant.

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  1. Beautiful. Have a secret soft spot for Alina2.. 🙂
    would love to the suit inflated / blown-up with the helmet on and equally vacuumed tight.

    1. A. is a very experienced model in latex shootings. But if you know and visit her page will see rare masks, no bondage and no tight outfits.

      1. Sorry, maestro, but I can’t leave this one uncommented. Have you seen her beyond the mere previews? (Sorry for commenting in English, just responding…)
        I was a (short time) member and I can say that she does almost everything imaginable. I do not agree with everything, but she is simply great. Although I must admit she smiles more in this short video of yours than in almost one year’s worth of Cute M..y…

        1. Alina is really great. Maybe there is a confidence grown over years with her photographer. But for me she didn´t try a mask for more than seconds.

      2. Trixie and Mary are well known. My dream would be a shooting with princess-fatale. But I never found a link to her as a model.

        1. hi all lovely models im surprised you cant get princess fatale shes been on latexgirlies as mary(alina) has they must know each other and zlata i wish the uk had such amazing models we have great models here but not in there league. i hope to see much more of m..y ( alina ) and the best photo shoots im loving from you is the latexskin suit photosets each model wheres it well and has there own sparkle i just wish so much there was videos. goodluck with princess fatale 🙂

        2. i forgot to mention this amazing model shes stunning but from moscow but i see she knows very good english to. shes into latex and more. im not sure if you know of her but sure your agree what a hottie.

          1. Dankeschön, hab sie angeschrieben.

  2. That is quite a good video, and it’s useful to see how the suit and helmet move together. Only thing is that the video is a bit slow to load on my PC, but it gets there eventually.

  3. Thank you Alina2! Thank you Karl! Fantastic!

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