Anna und Mady zu zweit 3

Anna und Mady zu zweit 3

Anna und Maddy mußten sich im Shooting sehr häufig umziehen – man merkt das manchmal erst beim Bearbeiten. Anna trägt jetzt einen Breathplay-Anzug von Latexcrazy und Maddy einen Prinzess-Catsuit von Libidex.

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  1. Die beiden sind einfach süß 🙂
    Einfach schöne Mimik in den Gesichtern 🙂

    @James: at the one side i also think videos would be nice.. but on the other side i like the foto-only concept – so you have more place for your own imagination and creative mind… – and its easier for the models and the fotographer – you can have breakes at every moment they are needed.

  2. Love your photos. Please would you do some catsuit dressing videos? They would be very popular and great to see and hear! More videos of your shots would be great.. a video of whole shot which fans of your site can click and see along with the photos.

    1. For that I need more idea how to make videos.

      1. Would be more than happy to help you. What camera do you use? I was thinking more videos of you photoshoots… No need to edit them that way. I’m happy to help! What part do you need advise on?

        1. I use a Canon 6 d and have my problems with focusing the videos. They´re mostly unsharp.

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